Amol Oak, Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect

Amol has been developing software for over 22 years. He started Durva Software to create niche software for companies, looking to better serve their growing markets and customer base. With a continued commitment to excellence, Amol has grown Durva Software from a fledgling software house to a respected firm handling a variety of client projects. Clients seek Amol and Durva Software because they know they can expect to receive a high level of attention to detail from him and the company. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Ranjini Iyer, Co-Founder

Ranjini works closely with the Principals to carve out overall strategy and direction for Durva Software. She has worked with and run several small businesses. She has degrees in Engineering and Business Administration.

Narayan G., Partner

Narayan has been developing software for over 18 years. His deep knowledge of software technologies, and ability to manage high-performance teams ensures successful delivery of our software solutions.

Ravi Iyer, Partner

Ravi has worked in business applications consulting for over 16 years. He has worked closely with medium and large sized companies in a variety of industries. He brings this strong body of experience to help the company forge new avenues as it continues on its path of growth. He has degrees in Engineering and Business Administration.